How to install the call widget on your website

Important: starting Chrome 47, you must use HTTPS on your website in order to be able to call directly inside your page. Otherwise, the widget will open a new tab (with HTTPS) to be able to place the call. Check out our recommendations to enable HTTPS on your website.

The widget is a piece of HTML code that you can paste on your website that will let your visitors see a call button whenever they visit your page.

This button, when clicked, will establish a phone call that you can answer on the Web AppSmartphone App, cellphone or landline.

How do I get it?

A code generator is built inside Toky's dashboard and you can use it to generate the HTML lines that are needed and to test combinations of texts and colors.

Example of generated code

This is a working example of how the call widget looks when generated.

var s=document.createElement('script');
})('a942ae4', {"$username":"toky","$bubble":false,"$position":"left","$text":"Call us for free!"})

This same code can be pasted into any website and it will show a call widget pointing to Toky's username. Try it yourself here.

Language selection

The default behavior of the widget is to render the language of the browser, provided the browser is in one of the supported languages. Currently, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Persian are supported.

If you would like to force certain language to always be rendered despite the language of the browser, you can do it by selecting the language in the widget generation option.

Finally, if you would like to render the widget in other than the 5 languages we support, please write us to because this is also possible 😎.

Showing and hiding on demand

You can install the widget and hide it by default, and only show it when the time or conditions are right. For example, show the widget only when the visitor clicks on a link.

<a href="#" onclick="">Live call - Show</a> <a href="#" onclick="TokyBusiness.hide()">Hide</a> 

Use to show the widget, and TokyBusiness.hide() to hide it.

Try it live here.


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