How to integrate Toky to Salesforce

First, there are two types of integrations:

1 - To create tasks associated with leads and contacts calls

2 - To send and receive direct calls within Salesforce

If you wish to make and receive calls directly from salesforce, follow these steps below:

1. Start by logging in to your Salesforce account here

2. In quick find, search for Apps 

3. Then, click on Add App

4. In App, click on New

5. In New Custom App
Select type --> console
Click Next

6. In Step 2 Enter the Details
App Label = Toky Console App
App Name = Toky_Console_App
Click Next

7. In Step 3 you could select an image or just click Next

8. In Step 4 choose tabs, select at least the following tabs
- Accounts
- Contacts
- Cases
- Leads

You could select more tabs if you like, then click Next

9. In Step 5 Assign to profiles, in case you don't have a specific restriction, select all profiles

Then click Save

Now the Toky Console App should be listed in the Apps view.

10. ***Installing Open CTI Integration***

Download the Toky CTI Integration configuration file from here 

11. Then login to your salesforce account ( you must have administrator profile to install)

12. Go to Setup

13. On the left panel, in quick find, search for "Call centers", then click on Call Centers

14.  If the Get Started page show, just click "Continue"

15. In All Call Centers page, click on Import

16. In the Call Center import page, import the call center definition file you download it before and click on Import

17. If no error shows up, you should see a page like this:

18. After the installation, don't forget to add the call center users. To add the users click on Manage Call Center Users, and add the users who could access the Toky CTI Application.

19. After successful installation of Toky Console App and Toky CTI Integration, you should go to Toky Console App.

20. The Toky Console App should look like this:

21. Just log in to Toky Webphone and start sending and receiving calls from Toky inside Salesforce.

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